Productos Ostomia

Sistema de una Pieza

La bolsa y la barrera cutánea en un solo sistema

  • Bolsas drenables
  • Bolsas para urostomía
  • Bolsas cerradas

Two-Piece Products

The pouch and the skin barrier are two separate pieces that can be joined together with a plastic coupling ring.

Cuidado pediátrico

Una línea diseñada para cuidar los estómagos de los más pequeños.


Other products

ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers

Discover improved skin protection - ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers help prevent skin complications by eliminating gaps between the stoma and the adhesive barrier. Soft, pliable adhesive rolls open to fit desired stoma size and shape, with no cutting necessary. The flexible adhesive gently hugs individual stoma contours creating a secure, personalized fit.

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